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Questions You May Ask !

Personal use of marijuana is legal in Spain. The regulatory body allows individuals to grow a maximum of two plants of any size. Mass cultivation is strictly prohibited, and you cannot use the substance in public areas. Besides, selling or exporting of marijuana substance is illegal in the country, and it can be considered as a punishable offence.

Since the regulatory body allows individuals to grow marijuana and use the substance privately, private organizations and individuals can come together to use it. It is legal for users and growers to meet in a place and enjoy a session.

All the Cannabis Clubs in the city of Barcelona are private organizations, and they are committed to complying with Spain’s constitution’s aspects like the right to privacy and associate. Besides, the Constitution of Spain features some aspects only followed by legal and responsible organizations.

An individual can become a member if an existing member of the club refers them. We will accept your membership application after verification.

No, a non-member cannot access product-related information. We do not promote cannabis products; we are here to help interested individuals to become a member of Cannabis Clubs.

No, we are strict about our rules. The person has to be 18 years of age or more.

Anyone who wants to visit the Cannabis Club has to become a member first.

As of now, no such plans are available. The membership fee is fixed.

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